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As a consignment store, we offer a wide variety of products.  Ranging from Handcrafted goods, to Craft and Scrapbooking supplies, to Clothing and Jewelry and so much more!  Stop by our store in Lonsdale to see what unique and one-of-a-kind deals we have going on!  For more information on our hours and where we are located, visit our Contact page.  

Handcrafted Goods   Something for All sells a wide variety of Handmade and Handcrafted goods.
We offer a variety of Handcrafted goods made by local artisans and craftspeople.  Whether you are looking for special decor for your home, a custom scarf, or handmade, rustic dishrags and towels, we have that and more!
Whenever you need to get into the holiday spirit, Something for All has the Seasonal and Holiday merchandise to help you. Seasonal Items
Need to get ready for the holidays?  Whether you need to be jolly, patriotic, romantic, or spooky.  We offer a variety of decorations and seasonal items to help keep you in the holiday spirit!
Craft & Scrapbooking Crafts and Scrapbooking supplies from Something for All in Lonsdale, MN.
Do you have the desire to create your own unique and handmade crafts?  At Something for All, we can help!  We offer a selection of Crafts and Scrapbooking supplies to fuel your creative side.
Something for All has a wide variety of Antique and Collectibles. Antiques & Collectibles
Do you enjoy the things that get better as they age?  Our selection of Antiques and Collectibles is for you!  Whether you need an antique pot for your kitchen or are an avid collector of knick knacks, visit Something for All today!
Clothing & Jewelry   Clothing and Jewelry from Something for All, located in Lonsdale Minnesota.
We have a large selection of New and Used clothing.  Whether you need a coat to prepare for winter, a pair of shoes for your child's first day of school or to find the perfect pair of handmade earrings, we have a great selection!
Something for All has a variety of Toy and Books available for you to choose from. Books & Toys
Is your child a bookworm, or do they love to play?  Either way, we have an ever-changing selection of toys and books to keep your kids doing what they love.
Household Something for All offers a variety of Household items including decor, rags, towels and much more!
At Something for All, we have a variety of items for your home or cabin.  From decorative signs, to tapestries and artwork.  Stop by our store and see what items are available each week.
Pet toys and supplies from Something for All in Lonsdale, MN. Pets
Don't forget about your furry friends!  We have a selection of items special for your pets.  Visit Something for All and see how what we have in store for your favorite animal.
And Much More...   There is always more unique, one-of-a-kind and different items in store at Something for All, visit us in Lonsdale today!
We have a wide variety of merchandise that is new, used and everywhere in between.  Stop by our shop in Lonsdale, MN today to see what we have in store for you!
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